Report on the feasability study on AI PHASE 1

Publicerad 2021-05-03
av Björn Löfgren

SFMA will conduct a feasibility study on AI in the spring of 2021. The report shows that the global fluid industry is facing major upheavals in the long term. Digitization and AI are strong driving forces. The report also shows that there are several investments in digitization and AI, especially among the major global system integrators of fluid technology and fluid component and system manufacturers (eg Volvo CE, Komatsu, Epiroc and Bosch Rexroth, Parker Hannifin) and only a few investments in the small ones. and medium-sized fluid component and system manufacturers. The structure, challenges and tasks of the feasibility study:

What does the Swedish fluid industry's need for AI look like in the short and long term perspective?

How should a tactical plan be implemented in the best way, which companies, organizations and actors should participate in the region (projects)?

What activities and projects already exist that we can build on? What competencies among companies and other actors are in the regions with a connection to AI?

With which Universities and Colleges can we collaborate in the best way on both competence-enhancing initiatives for member companies and specific product development projects?


Report on PHASE 1 Conducted member survey on the picture of needs. More than 50 companies in different sectors (forestry, industry, construction, etc.) and in different parts of the value chain (components, systems, integrators) have been interviewed.


You can find the webinar here