Fluid Motion Academy

Under the name Fluid Motion Academy, we intend to hold a national gathering of forces to meet the long-term and strongly expressed need for competence supply that has emerged during the work with the AI ​​initiative and which aims to develop a business that can hold together and drive the national competence supply in hydraulics. and nearby areas.

Overall, Fluid Motion Academy aims to:

  • identify and initiate initiatives that can strengthen the competence supply system
  •  identify important skills and training needs
  • contribute to the available range of courses and educations at commercial and public course and education providers
  • develop forms to support and quality assure the education providers and course brokers that have been identified
  • influence existing training structures to better meet the competence needs and adapt to the conditions that apply to an SFMA - company
  • strengthen the mobility of competence between companies and educational programs at Swedish universities and colleges.

Research School ” Fluid Motion Academy”

The scope of research and postgraduate education in hydraulics with adjacent areas is limited at Swedish universities. This means that there is a need to broaden competence. We intend to create a national graduate school and it will be ready by 2025. The national graduate school will have a range of doctoral courses that can be offered to doctoral students and other interested parties throughout Sweden. The graduate school is intended to be a network of collaborating universities. The graduate school is also an effective network for doctoral students and supervisors at a national level. The idea is that doctoral students active in projects in the field will be linked to the graduate school and thereby receive a largely common education. This makes it easier for research groups located in adjacent areas to enter with doctoral students in research projects in this area.